TDS has been in business for over 45 years. We started out in the old days when reel-to-reel was the standard format used in studios. Over the years, we have seen multiple analog formats come and go and transition to digital. As such, we are one of the few studios in the state with equipment that can transfer most old and new audio and video formats. Prices vary depending on the format, length, etc.  Call us for more information about your project at [253] 486-2125





Audio Transfer to/from the following formats:

 Wire Recoder Reel to Reel 8-track micro-cassette
33-1/3,45,78 RPM records CD DAT (Digital Audio Tape) ADAT
MiniDisc (MD) DVD-Audio Any digital Audio format  

Video Transfer to/from the following formats:

 VHS VHS-C BetaMax SVHS 8mm
Hi8 3/4" U-Matic 3/4" SP BetaCam BetaCam-SP
MII MiniDV DVCam DVD-R Blu-Ray (BR-D)


We also transfer 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film.
We also provide Standards Conversion to/from NTSC, NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, SECAM